About 2nd Suez Canal Global Conference



The 2nd Suez Canal Global Conference is a high-level annual conference supervised by the Suez Canal Authority and under the high patronage of his Excellency President Abdel- Fatah El Sisi, President of Arab Republic of Egypt. This premiere event is supported by the main international entities which control and manage the global maritime industry all over the world. Bringing together the leaders of the maritime industry, ministers and numerous leaders across the political spectrum. Inviting worldwide international specialized speakers and professionals in the world to this premiere event of the year for attendees to be best updated and to provide unparalleled opportunities to learn, engage and build relationships.

The function of this conference is to foster discussions of a variety of issues affecting the Suez Canal and its development. This 2 day conference with parallel workshops is followed by a Suez Canal Tour as well as other social activities. This conference will analyze the steps which must be taken to execute a national logistics plan, infrastructures, new projects and the opportunities for local and international investors, focusing on how Suez Canal can use logistics and new projects as an engine of sustainable growth. It will clarify the role of the Mega Projects and how it will serve to boost the traffic handled by the canal ,thus in return maximizing the annual revenue. The conference also aims to help develop the Suez Canal Zone Area, transforming it into a world class global logistic hub and industrial processing center to serve the global market.



Suez Canal Authority New Strategy

The Suez Canal Authority is currently taking a Strategy based on Customer Orientation. This strategy shall be applied through networking, meetings with customers, and exchange of views for mutual benefits. With this new Strategy the Suez Canal Authority holds this Conference:

- Emphasizing the vital role of the Suez Canal in serving world trade and the Egyptian economy

and striving to make the best out of available opportunities to increase the tonnage passing  through the canal in coordination with its clients.

- Aiming to further boost communication with canal clients, and exchange viewpoints with them.

- Introducing the continuous developments of the Suez Canal; regarding the waterway and services rendered, in addition to the flexible marketing policies adopted by the Suez Canal Authority.

- Ongoing developments in international waterways.

- Inviting international experts and specialists to discuss the latest accomplishments in shipping


- Exchanging the opinions and viewpoints of Suez Canal clients on various issues.

- Presenting current and future projects intended for both Suez Canal and the Suez Canal Area Development Project.


Conference Importance

  • To exchange viewpoints and expertise.
  • To keep abreast of new technologies applied in maritime transport.
  • To meet with key persons interested in business and investment.
  • To keep abreast of the latest developments in world shipping markets.
  • To know about developments in world economy and trade.
  • A unique opportunity for developing and promoting activities of the companies and organizations attending.


2nd Suez Canal Global Conference main topics

  • Changes in the world economy & Global shipping industry.
  • Dry bulk outlook & Suez Canal.
  • Container outlook & Suez Canal.
  • Energy outlook & Suez Canal.
  • Success stories in shipping industry.
  • Recent development in Egyptian ports.
  • Egypt, New Era.
  • Value added services, related to maritime activities.